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Proeven in Groningen cancelled

The organization of the tenth edition of Tasting in Groningen was in full swing. Unfortunately the organization received some cancellations from participants. As a result, there were too few restaurants left to organize the event successfully. The board therefore felt obliged to cancel the event, however unfortunate, for this year.

The board of Stichting Proeven in Groningen looks back at nine successful editions in the first weekend of September. The founders of Tasting in Groningen started the event as there were less and less organized activities in the city and there was no culinary event anymore in the first weekend of September. Now, this situation has been completely reversed: the first weekend of September is happily packed with a lot of activities.

It makes the organization happy to see that the hospitality industry in and around Groningen is doing very well. The Board of Proeven in Groningen whishes to thank all participants, suppliers, sponsors and volunteers of the last nine years!