The origin

The concept for Proeven in Groningen began in a café, as many good ideas are want to do. The instigators stated that there were few culinary events in Groningen and thought that this was a missed opportunity. Appreciating local culinary talents should be accessible for everyone, even on a limited budget, we thought. Thus, the idea evolved to set up a culinary market, where different restaurants could show off their talents on the spot and offer sample portions and refreshing drinks for a reasonable price.

In 2008, a foundation was set up and a board of volunteers formed. Suitable sponsors for the event were quickly found and less than three months after that fateful evening in the café, it was clear that the event could rely on sufficient support. The finances were set!

Due to its unique concept and the many volunteers and sponsors, Proeven in Groningen could keep the contribution of the participating restaurants very low. The consequences were that nearly everyone we approached agreed enthusiastically to participate in the event. Proeven in Groningen was received with open arms as a ‘must do’ unique experience. In 2010, the event expanded to include the inner square of the Harmonie complex in addition to the outer square to accommodate extra participants that year

Proeven in Groningen, the culinary event in the Northern Netherlands, is celebrating its tenth year anniversary this year. And we have every reason to expect that it will be even more successful than the previous events. Thanks to All! Many volunteers help every year to organize Proeven in Groningen. We want to thank every one of them for their contributions and boundless enthusiasm!

This enthusiasm is also reflected in the participating restaurants and we thank them for their efforts. We would also like to warmly thank our sponsors, the gemeente Groningen and the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen. It is super that we can count each year on your support and hospitality! And of course, Proeven in Groningen would not exist without the large number of interested attendees that come to the city center full of great expectations.

We aim to fulfill these expectations and look forward to hosting a splendid and sumptuous festival!

Eat, drink and be merry!

The Board and organization of Proeven in Groningen, Martin Arends, Jaap Lindeman, Willem Jan Flokstra, Janet ten Broeke en Ben Warner.